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2012-09-28 10:08 来源:中国南方艺术 作者:Fiona Sze-Lorrain 译 阅读
  Considered the central literary figure of the post-Obscure (post-“Misty”) poetry movement during the 1980s, BAI HUA ( 柏桦 ) was born in Chongqing in 1956. After graduating from Guangzhou Foreign Language Institute in 1982, he taught at various universities before working as an independent writer in 1992. He returned to teaching in 2004 and currently serves as a professor at Southwest Jiaotong University in Sichuan.
  FIONA SZE-LORRAIN (Greta Aart) is an editor of Cerise Press.
  广陵散  / Ancient Tune of Guangling
  BY Bai Hua
  TRANSLATED BY Fiona Sze-Lorrain
  A youth slides off towards the abyss
  followed by another
  Bliss is soon outmoded
  A boy writes a verse
  Alas, a verse, just a verse
  Twenty-four bridges in a moonlit night
  Winter in the south
  scatters your thoughts, they can’t find a theme
  Bacon, Geyuan Garden, Shanghai folks
  a tour guide is steaming with enthusiasm
  Photo, photo
  His frozen red face is smiling
  February 1993
  选择 / Choice
  BY Bai Hua
  TRANSLATED BY Fiona Sze-Lorrain
  He wants to go to Kenya, he wants to go to Mexico
  He wants to go to Jiangsu International Company
  When young, we shrieked wildly in rules
  Today, we learn to breathe in rules
  O, how difficult, please don’t fight!
  Let me start practising from the beginning
  One two three, one two three, one two three
  What exactly are these
  Kenya, Mexico, Jiangsu International Company
  This is poetry, please choose, this is all poetry
  February 1993
  爱的运动 / Love Campaign
  BY Bai Hua
  TRANSLATED BY Fiona Sze-Lorrain
  Cars speed by
  That is a love campaign
  my campaign, campaign by a dwarf, youth and wind
  The dwarf who speaks softly at this instant
  needs full-scale precision
  Illness has thrown him into the love of wine
  But cars have stopped
  But youth and wind can’t make the dwarf taller
  But I’m confronting this
  December 11, 1990
  三月 / March
  BY Bai Hua
  TRANSLATED BY Fiona Sze-Lorrain
  speechless moon
  a speechless badge
  the radical spring ripens inch by inch
  new running water replaces old tongue
  now we need to clarify
  clarify the rainy sky and birds in retreat
  clarify why another wind
  invades us
  like truth
  pure is remorse, the remains of sleep
  bitter spring dreams
  deprive us of our ardent riders
  only the street, flourishing
  gallops by the ear
  a boundless wind that says
  you must abandon
  you must remember
  every old man every child
  Spring 1985

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